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In-Store Repairs. Sit down with one of our expert for 1-on-1 attention get any technical issues resolved.


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Our remote support expert will connect directly to your computer and provide you with our amazing service.

Our Services

Looking for a right Custom PC for you?

Our experienced team members can discuss your requirements and suggest a suitable custom built PC for you. Alternatively we can also provide a quote for the exact specification you would like. Our aim is to provide quality laptop/desktop custom PC systems, servers or workstations at a very low price.

Free Repair Estimates
When you bring it in, our analysis is always free. We will check everything thoroughly to give you peace of mind.

Data Recovery
We have a wide variety of tools available to recover your important files and data. A standard recovery would fall under our $199 flat rate. We also have a full-fledged data recovery service to send your drive to in the event it is not recoverable in store.

Our goal is to make you a customer for life. Our reviews and customer loyalty speak for themselves.
We offer the following services, take a look for some more in-depth information.

Our standard flat rate pricing is always $99 for any software repair. The only additional cost you will ever have is replacing or repairing any parts.

Hardware Solutions

Screen Repairs
Laptop dropped? Closed the lid a bit too hard? Kids throw it when school got tough? We offer a free estimate to replace that broken or cracked screen. Come by our location and often times we can even alleviate issues same day on more common screens.
Are your keys so faded you don’t even know what letter you’re typing anymore? Wrong letter coming when you’re typing? Laptop keyboards can have a mind of its own sometimes. Replacing your keyboard is a very common and affordable repair. Bring your laptop in for a free estimate.
Is your laptop only lasting a few minutes when not plugged in? Batteries a one of the most common components that need to be replaced when owning a laptop. Come to our location for a free estimate on bringing your laptop back to life.
Motherboard issues can cause a wide variety of symptoms. From not getting video to not turning on a motherboard repair or replacement is an affordable solution. We offer quality replacement motherboards at some of the lowest prices you’ll find. Come to our location for a free estimate and give your laptop or desktop new life.
New printer a bit confusing to hookup? Now-a-days with wireless connections it can be a bit of a headache to configure to your system. We can setup your new printer and have you printing in no time. We also can fix issues with your existing printer as well. Come by the shop for a free estimate.
Able to print but not scan? Pushing the button on the printer in frustration and nothing is happening? This is more common than you may think. We can resolve all of these problems for you in no time. Call or come by today.
Touch Pads
Cursor on your laptop stop moving? Does it seem to have a mind of its own at times? You could have a faulty touch pad or mouse. Call or come by our shop for a free estimate today.

Software Solutions

Operating system issues
Computer not starting up? Errors during boot? Getting blue screens? These are all common issues related to your computers operating system. We can fix all of these problems and more and get your system up and running again. Call us or come by our location.
Operating system upgrades
Still running an old, outdated operating system like Windows XP or Windows 7? You are much more vulnerable to security breaches and virus attacks. Let our experts upgrade you to the newest version and secure your system today. Swing on by our location for a free estimate.
Virus Removal
Is your computer is running slow, having pop-ups, difficulty even doing the most basic of tasks? Viruses are a malicious program that try to steal passwords, hold your computer ransom or try to sell your information on the dark web. Call us in confidence and we will get your issues resolved and have your computer running better than new!
Malware / Adware
You may think you have a virus but a more common issues is junk that is bundled with software you may have downloaded on your PC inadvertently. This can cause issues like slow booting, pop-ups, blue screens, and slow down your internet connectivity. Have your system checked out by our experts and bring it back to life.