We can also outfit your computer with updated hardware and software. This allows you to keep the majority of your system intact while drastically improving performance. For example, if your computer is even a few years old, your hard drive is probably lacking 100’s of gigabytes of storage capacity compared to the current industry standard. Why would you go out and purchase an entirely new device for some extra memory? Update instead!

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Doctors of Technology, Computers  Service & Repair, Las Vegas, NV

Computer Repair experts in Las Vegas

From virus removals, network setups, and PC Upgrades, there is nothing our computer repair experts cant handle! Bring your Computer into our Sunset & Eastern location in Las Vegas, NV so you can talk with one of our technicians for 1-on-1 attention. With our one on one attention in our exam rooms, we will make sure that receive honest and professional care from our computer repair experts in Las Vegas & Henderson NV.

Doctors Of Technology

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Doctors Of Technology

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