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Wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 11?

Wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 11? Here are some key features of the operating system that may help you decide: • A new, more Mac-like interface • Smartphone aesthetics and accessibility options • Integrated Android apps • Widgets • Xbox features on your...

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Apple’s library of Mac apps

Apple’s library of Mac apps rivals that of the best Windows apps. macOS Big Sur offers an even greater integration and compatibility with iOS apps for iPad and iPhone. You can do pretty much anything you wish on your Mac - design, photo-editing, productivity,...

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App not responding on Mac?

App not responding on Mac? If an app on your Mac isn’t responding, you can generally force quit it by following these steps: - Click the Apple logo in the top left of your screen. - Click “Force Quit” to bring up a list of all apps that are currently open on your...

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Antivirus software

Antivirus software… how much do we know about it except for its definition “a program that regularly scans your device for some or all known malicious software.” Just like vaccines are designed to protect you against different diseases, antivirus programs secure your...

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