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Your laptop won’t charge? Here’s what might be wrong: 1. A laptop battery is designed with a limited number of charging cycles in mind. That’s why at some point in time replacing it is the only way to go about it. 2. Charger failure. You can verify this with a simple...

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You have probably heard the phrases "back everything up" and "if you have one, you have none”, but you will be surprised to hear that a lot of people do not take data backup seriously. Here are 5 reasons why data backup is important: 1. Data can be lost for all kinds...

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Wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 11?

Wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 11? Here are some key features of the operating system that may help you decide: • A new, more Mac-like interface • Smartphone aesthetics and accessibility options • Integrated Android apps • Widgets • Xbox features on your...

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Apple’s library of Mac apps

Apple’s library of Mac apps rivals that of the best Windows apps. macOS Big Sur offers an even greater integration and compatibility with iOS apps for iPad and iPhone. You can do pretty much anything you wish on your Mac - design, photo-editing, productivity,...

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