Emotet spreads primarily as an email scam, using a method called thread hijacking where it replies to stolen email thread conversations and includes malware attachments. Emotet aims to extort money from its victims, steal credentials, or sell access to other cybercriminals.
How does It work?
1. Emotet predominantly spreads via mall scams.
2. It uses Infected attachments, usually Word or Excel.
3. These infected attachments Install Emotet malware onto your device.
4. Emotet then Infiltrates your email conversations and sends itself to your contacts.
5. This is called thread hiJacking and it’s how Emotet spreads.
To protect yourself always Install the security updates for your operating system as soon as they are available. Never click on suspicious links or attachments in emails. Even if the sender seems legitimate, you should always double-check with them directly.
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