You have probably heard the phrases “back everything up” and “if you have one, you have none”, but you will be surprised to hear that a lot of people do not take data backup seriously. Here are 5 reasons why data backup is important:
1. Data can be lost for all kinds of reasons – malware, crashes, physical damage, theft, etc.
2. Audits and Archives – the IRS requires you to keep receipts for deductible expenses and state authorities may have extra regulations.
3. Natural disasters – if your region experiences a disaster, then the businesses which recover faster will steal customers from the competition. If your data is not backed up, your business will have difficulties staying competitive.
4. Backup can save your business – studies show that 43% of companies that suffer a major data loss never reopen.
5. Time saver – if you experience data loss, you will have to work to fix it. This could mean rewriting a few emails, but it could also lead to losing your entire client database.
At #DoctorsofTechnology we offer full data backup, so you don’t have to worry about various factors that often lead to data loss
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