Antivirus software… how much do we know about it except for its definition “a program that regularly scans your device for some or all known malicious software.” Just like vaccines are designed to protect you against different diseases, antivirus programs secure your computer against various harmful software, such as adware, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, etc. Also, antivirus software works in different ways. A traditional one scans the files you have on your system and compares their distinctive codes against its database. If it finds a duplicate, it either deletes it or isolates it. A behavioral one uses a heuristics approach to resolve potential threats – it proactively identifies and blocks new viruses rather than relying on a database check. If you run a general Google search on anti-virus software you will be bombarded with results because the market is quite competitive.
Let’s go through the most popular antivirus programs in 2022:
The best antivirus software 2022