Have you ever spilled something on your laptop? Perhaps a glass of water or coffee was knocked over and landed directly on top of your precious computer. It’s an awful feeling, knowing the damage is already done and there’s nothing we can do. Have no fear though — just because the drink has been dropped doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

Computer damage is a major problem for computer users around the world. There are many ways to cause computer damage, from spilled liquids to computer viruses and malware. When computer damage occurs, it can make your computer nonfunctional which will cause you much trouble. Fortunately, there are tips that can help you solve computer damage problems without specialized computer repair services.

1) Do not turn it on!

The first thing you should always do when water lands anywhere near your computer, monitor, keyboard, etc. turn it off immediately, unplug everything from it and remove any batteries if possible. Note that most newer laptops will go into sleep mode after a specific amount of inactivity; once the computer is asleep, you won’t be able to turn it off. However, there’s still hope if this happens. Use your finger to plug up any open ports (especially the earphone jack) and wipe away as much water as possible before taking out longer items like USB sticks or external hard disks.

2) Wipe it down with a towel

Once you’ve unplugged your laptop and wiped away excess water, place it upside down on some towels so that all of the internal components can dry properly. Make sure that no part of your laptop touches any other part, especially the bottom half where most of the chances are that more liquid may have made its way into more cracks than anywhere else. If your laptop is turned off and asleep, leave it be for a while before attempting to wipe any excess liquid away with a towel.

3) Let the power of rice do its job

It’s not unheard of that water seeps in through whatever means necessary when we least want it to — which can sometimes result in irreversible damage. However, if you act fast enough and allow the internal components ample time to dry out properly, chances are that it will work just fine with no permanent damage at all. This is where rice and couscous come into play — both of these grains absorb moisture very well and can save your precious laptop from otherwise inevitable doom. All you have to do is place each device (or part thereof) inside a plastic bag filled with 1 cup of rice or couscous and let it sit for a few days. This may not be the fastest method in the world, but it’s definitely one of the safest.

4) If your laptop is out of warranty

If you’re outside the warranty period and have just spilled a beverage on your laptop, there’s no need to panic. While some parts might stop working after being exposed to liquids, if they have already been damaged before this incident then no amount of rice will save them. Spilled water won’t automatically result in its death, but such accidents do mean that you’ll probably be looking at an expensive repair bill — unless you do it yourself! All it takes is time and patience.

5) Best Computer repair near me

The last thing you can do is to contact any professional computer repairs near your house who can provide you mobile computer repair at your place, but make sure that you choose your computer expert wisely.