Do you have a small network of devices that uses your internet connection, but they all seem to move at a snail’s pace? Well, sadly it is not only your imagination. You see there are several different elements that affect the speed of an internet connection, and one of those factors may be the WiFi signal strength you are getting in each device. You can’t really expect to get the same internet speeds from your laptop as you do from an Xbox, right? So how can you boost WiFi speed and make each device faster? Read on as we show you exactly how.

How Much Data Speed Do You Currently Have?

Did you know that some ISP’s offer different data packages with different internet speeds? You may be paying for one speed but getting something less. Maybe you are not even aware of this. Check your internet data package. If it’s time to upgrade, do so and see if the problem improves.

What Is The Signal Strength Of Your Router?

You can do a quick check by moving closer to the router in your home to see the reading on your device. If it’s suddenly jumping off the charts, you know there is a signal issue because you are getting an excellent speed in that area. Wireless interference can be caused by several factors inside and outside of your home. Switching to another channel may help if this is what is affecting your wireless connection. You should also check to see if other devices in your home are on the same channel as your router. This keeps a wireless network free of any interference.

How Many Devices Are On Your Network At Any One Time?

If you have a lot of wireless devices always connected to your internet, then chances are that it is slowing down everyone’s connection because the router is trying to reach out to each device. The trick here is to only have the devices on at the times you are actually using them. Most of us have more than one wireless device, so it would be impossible to disconnect every single one at once. You can turn them all off by shutting down your modem for a few minutes after you are done using them. Once you turn it back on, they should reconnect to the internet again.

Do You Have The Right Router At Home?

It’s possible your router isn’t powerful enough to handle all of the devices in your home at one time. As a result, it can’t keep up with sending out signals and sending data packets fast enough to each one of them. This causes a bottleneck in your network, cutting back the speeds you are actually getting for any one device. It’s time to upgrade your router if this is what you suspect is affecting your WiFi speed. Do some research on different models and see which ones support the highest number of concurrent connections without degrading performance.

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