We have heard horror stories of people’s’ cc information being stolen, or sensitive photos being shared with the public. The last thing we would want is to have a scary cybersecurity story.  So it’s not easy to imagine just handing over devices to strangers and giving them full access, but if your computer or tablet breaks you will find yourself taking it in to be repaired by someone you don’t know. Most of the computer repair shops are honest, trustworthy, and secure, so how can you make sure you are taking your PC to one of the reliable companies?


  • Keep Your Data on an External Device
  • Password Protect Your Passwords
  • Carefully Read the Computer Repair Shop’s Privacy Policy
  • Go to the People You Know
  • Know About Tech-Support Scams

Sometimes when our computer crashes, it’s out of our control, however, we can control is who we can trust to repair them. If you’re in Las Vegas, and you don’t have anyone you trust to fix your computer and have to refer to a computer repair shop, call the Doctors of Technology at 702-277-0000